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Mobile Application are new athome technology dominating the technology platform, this new technology comes with newfeatures, restrictions and new possibilities which doesnot exist before. Building capable software for thisnew environment comes with new requirement,constrains and characteristics that are not used in theprevious traditional estimation method. In this paperwe analyses the identified characteristics that directlyinterfere with mobile application development. ealso analy!ed the most common current estimationmethod that has been used to measure mobileapplication effort and si!e and we propose "b#ectivefor future estimation method that should be able tomeasure mobile application development effort andsi!ing measurement.



The digital library is in an area of significant growth and change. Better and cheaper Internet accessible devices, improved global network speeds, changing customer expectations and social media are all a part of the change we experience in the way people consume, produce and share information. Only a few years ago we could assume that a user would access a digital library through a web browser on a standard desktop display, but with the rapidly increasing number of Internet accessible devices, like smartphones and tablets, this is changing dramatically. The library users expect to access information anywhere and anytime, and they want to find content quickly and easily whatever device they are using. A user might search for an article in a digital library on a smartphone while eating breakfast, read the article on a tablet on the way to work and maybe recommend the article to a colleague while sitting at a laptop in the office. All these tasks from the same website, but by using different devices. This raises the issues of how the content of digital libraries should be presented on different screens and how the devices should work together to create a holistic unified experience for the users at every step of their online journey.


Bulk SMS messaging is a legacy description for application-to-person SMS messaging services. It refers specifically to the sending of large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones of a predetermined group of recipients. Today the application-to-person SMS messaging services have evolved to include bulk SMS messaging alongside the sending of single messages (such as one time passwords and delivery notifications), interactive messaging (such as group messaging services), and incoming number services (such as mobile marketing campaigns, voting or information lines). A defining characteristic of bulk SMS messaging is that businesses and organisations can make use of one or more solutions to send and receive SMS messages, namely; a mobile phone application, a software programme, a web interface, or integrate an SMS API with their website or system. These bulk SMS messaging solutions interface with a service providers' SMS gateway to ensure the delivery of messages to mobile phone numbers anywhere in the world. An SMS gateway acts as a relay between the mobile network operators and a wireless applications service provider. These SMS gateways allow for SMS traffic to distributed via a direct connection to the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) of a mobile network operation and then onto a recipient's mobile phone number.


We've noticed an interesting trend in the web hosting market: Prospective customers don't just want shared server hosting, they want cheap (shared) hosting, and that's what they're typing into search engines. This is especially true of the individual interested in launching a website for their own personal brand, portfolio, or résumé. Building your first site is exciting! You want to talk themes, color schemes, the content for your first blog post — not agonize over uptime rates and other server stats. Just give me the most features for the least amount of money — the best value. We hear you. After reviewing the most affordable hosts on the market, evaluating their price, support, and feature sets, we've determined the best hosting bang for your budgeted buck.


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The barcode is the world's most familiar business standard. We use it regularly as consumers when scanning items at supermarket checkouts. But the barcode is far more than this. Since its first commercial point of scale application in the early 1970s, the barcode and related standards have become indispensable tools for the management of global supply chains, providing previously unimagined transparency about the location and progress of goods and materials.

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It's a commonly held belief that's been confirmed by numerous studies that visual content gets the most response on Facebook. If you're planning to post a status, it's best to include a picture. Take a cue from this organization: They've included not one, but four images to accompany their status explaining and promoting their new text-to-give option. Your organization could easily imitate their tactics.

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Human verification has traditionally been carried out by using a password and/or ID cards. These methods can be easily breached, for password can be guessed and ID card can be stolen, thus rendering them unreliable [Jain et al. 2006]. Biometrics refers to identifying a person based on his or her physiological or behavioral characteristics; it has the capability to reliably distinguish between an authorized person and an imposter. /p>

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The overall purpose of your presentation is to share your research process and findings with the class. In all cases, whatever topic you choose for your research, the objective is to stimulate in your listeners an understanding of that topic and how you went about developing that understanding for yourself as a researcher. The purpose of your talk is to present your research. Keep that goal in mind as you consider what to include and how to organize it..

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Management of distributed Web and App development projects has more challenges and difficulties than traditional (co-located) development [9][11]. The main reason cited by researchers and practitioners is that in a distributed development new variables and related challenges are added to the already complex problem of Web and App development project management: physical and geographic separation among teams, social and cultural differences among people [7][8], time zone differences, etc. which impact communication and collaboration [2][3], problem solving, trust, and several other factors that influence proiect success.

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Track anything system is a mobile application which tracks the location of the devices containing GPS service and shows the updated location on google map, and applying analytics on tracking based data probably increases the profitability of fleet control system. The proposed system is made using technology which connects a smart phone with the cloud data base platform, which makes the system inexpensive compared to others. The system is developed such that it can be modifiable for the users according to their needs. Some of the business analytics concepts and prediction methods are used for analyzing the outcome and making it more efficient.

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The Company obtained the Certificate for Commencement of Business on 15th March 2015. It became a public Registered company on 7.6.2018. - The Company is engaged mainly in development and export of software and website in any innovative activity in this area.

It offers design and development solutions throughout the product development chain and provide solutions in the areas of manufacturing Technically systems software engineering and process engineering.

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